Before Bill's birth
Bill's grandfather came from Scotland, married there and his wife gave birth to Bill's mother who emigrated to Australia when she grew up. She met her husband and fell pregnant with Bill before moving back to England.
Childhood & school days
Bill's early life from his attendance at the Grammer school including how well he did academically (including an old report). There are also details about his enjoyment of cricket with his friend Ron. Finally, what happened as Bill left school.
Voluntary RAF war work
Bill joined the Rhodesia squadron as a bomber, and then worked as a radio operator. He flew in the Lancaster bomber during the raid which ended his life. Find out more about his RAF service and details about the Lancaster bomber.
The attack which ended his life
Bill was killed fighting in the second world war and is burried in Beaumont le roger, France. On these pages are details about the mission he was on when he died and just what went wrong to cause the loss of life along with photo's and images.