Summary of the attack

Beaumont le Roger
Lancaster bombers
Vic formations
The attack took place over Beaumont le Roger in Normandy, France. Bill was part of a squadron who's mission was to destroy the MAN factory (Augsburg) in Southern Germany. The MAN factory was responsible for manufacturing the engine of the U-Boat which had caused substantial allied loss.

The squadron comprised of 43 airmen aged between 18 and 27 which flew out from RAF Waddington (Lincolnshire) in Lancaster bombers. They flew out in two vic formations and, due to a series of misforunes, only 8 out of the 43 airmen made it home alive.

Rod Thomas
Rod's detailed report
Two diversionary attacks were in progress, however they attacked the French coast, not the English coast. This mistake meant they returned to their base far faster than anticipated and found the 44 squadron crossing overhead. The heavy Lancaster bombers were no match for the German pilots and, with mechanical failure making their turrets redundant, they were shot down with the loss of 35 young men.

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