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I am 28 at the time of writing (October 2005), and live in a flat in West London. I spend my weekends out with friends, mostly in central or west London and during the week I do Sap Abap Consulting & Sap Abap Contracting which is IT contracting.

My interest in my great uncle Bill was sparked when I visited his grave in 2002 in France. I was suddenly struck by the enormity of what he had done, and this matched my views on peace, freedom and sacrifice. I was also taken aback when Ron Hedges saw me and declaired me a Seagoe. My mother, Rosemary Thomas, stepped in to correct him and told him I was a Thomas, however neither she nor I realised he meant in terms of looks. Ron couldnt believe just how much I resembled Bill, and when looking at photos after the service we were all quite surprised.

Ron was enphasising something that my father (Bryden Thomas) always said, and that is never to forget what Bill had done - this hit home with me and when I got home I registered the domain names: and

It was 3 years later during a long period of unemployment (contractors are frequently out of work, it's part of the job) that I started to gather photos, documents and images. Nearly all of the research had been done by Rodney Thomas, I took his work and set about creating these web pages. This is my attempt to prevent him being forgotten - I hope this site stays up for many decades to come.

Facts on Ash Thomas
Date of birth 4th January 1977
Place of birth Ronkswood hospital, Worcester