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Jane Bryden
Harold Seagoe
Barbara Crutch
Ron Hedges
Bryden George Seagoe, known as Bill, was born to Jane Bryden and Harold Seagoe. Bill was married in 1942 to Barbara Crutch, and had a good friend in Ron Hedges. He was embarking on a career in banking when World War II broke out, so he volunteered for the RAF.

RAF Service
Bill volunteered to be a part of the 44th Rhodesia Squadron Royal Air Force and worked as a gunner in bomber command, and later as a radio operator. He completed his training in 1941, a time when Britain was the only country in Europe not to have been conquered by the Nazis.
How he died:
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The attack
Bill was shot down over Beaumont le Roger, France due to poor intelligence. He was a part of a daring raid to destroy the MAN factory in Augsburg, southern German which manufactured U-Boat diesel engines. The U-Boats were responsible for huge losses of allied shipping in the North Atlantic.

Bill's poem
Bill, and countless others, bravely gave their lives for our freedom against an utterly nefarious regim. This site is in tribute to that bravery and to ensure we remember him as he asked in a poem. If anyone reading this has links to Bill, his family or friends - please get in contact.